How to Meet other Bisexual Females

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Bisexuality refers to romantic attraction in sexual manners to both genders males and females. There have been many attempts to explain what it is to be bisexual which has led to research activities such as that of Kinsey which is termed the Kinsey Scale which ranges from zero to six.

In this scale the zero refers to those who practice opposite sex while six applies to those who are exclusively gay or lesbian and any other person falling between one and five is bisexual either having had both hetero and same-gender sex with varying frequencies.

Bisexual individuals have in the past agreed that it is easier for them to be accepted in the society with quite a number having their orientation not even known.

The fact that they can get smoothly bland and this has made it quite tricky for bisexual females to understand their fellow bisexuals since their ability of ‘camouflaging’ is very high.

However, with the rising sensitization on the LGBTQ society, there has been developed ways in which bisexual females can identify with each other.

How Best to Find Bisexual Females

How to Meet other Bisexual Females

1. Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)

Gay/Straight Alliance is a group of students who came together to eliminate the discrimination which has been directed to those who are not straight. In American schools, it is formed as a club where there are members who for one reason or the other come together to support LGBTQ.

From such a forum there is a high possibility that you will find other bi girls. In case there is a GSA in any of the schools you attend or institutions you work with, you can be sure to check this club out for I am sure you will find a bisexual from within the group.

2. Web/Internet

The internet is said to have converted the world into a global village, and it is indeed true even to matters sexuality. There a myriad of dating sites which do not only offer hetero services but have upgraded their facilities to cater for members of the LGBTQ especially bisexual females and this serves to help them meet other bi women.

For one to benefit well from using such websites and meet bisexual females, it is right first to read the reviews from those websites and decide on the one which best fits an individual’s interest.

Once you get the website you would want to try, there is need to be precise and straight to the point on what you want rather than having side shows that would suggest to a potential bisexual female partner that you are one of the many jokers available online.

Dating sites that cater for bisexual females are therefore excellent platforms you can use meet other bisexual females.

3. Bisexual Mobile Applications

On the Google play store, the Microsoft store or the apple store, there are smartphone applications that are specifically designed to aid in the hookup process of the bisexuals.

If you are in need of faster access to profiles, then you would choose to go this way rather than deal with a whole website. All you have to do is to download the application, sign up then create a profile and like the one you would want to view on another person’s account. Here you will directly meet bisexual women.

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4. Bisexual Groups on Social Media

There are social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Whatsapp which have the provision of creating of groups of like-minded, same region or same-sex oriented people.

From such groups, you not only get hook-ups but also get a chance of making friends who have the same sexual orientation, so that were you even to break up with your current catch you have another pool of bisexuals to choose from.

You can randomly click on the search bar of let’s say Facebook and type Bisexuals Worldwide, and it will undoubtedly have a search result of bisexual Facebook groups, and that can be a starting point.

5. Going to common LGBTQ spot/Attending LGBTQ events

There are often those events which are publicly popularized for LGBTQ communities, for example, the Gay Pride Festival.

In case you are in search for a fellow bisexual, it would be a good thing to attend such event even as a bisexual female since there are high chances that even women will be coming to support those they believe face the same gravity of discrimination they too do.

If there are places you probably like meeting our other bisexuals or lesbian friends as a female bisexual, then there is a high probability that other bisexual females and bisexual women like the very same place hence it is good to keep hanging around the very same areas.

But of course, all these must be done with an expressive nature so that you can share your orientation and feelings to set the pace for the whole thing. In such spots, you are likely to set a good pace to find a bisexual girlfriend.

How to Get a Bisexual Girl to Like You

Bisexual Women

There are steps in finding a bisexual woman like you more or less the same as a hetero would get the other gender to like them. The first thing after knowing that they are bisexual is to build a friendship which more often than not is built on trust.

Tell your potential partner a secret that you are comfortable telling them and this is likely to start you off the trust gaining process.

This should be followed by link name attempts to flirt which should not come so naturally that you like. Try things like giggling, wearing a charming smile and just maintaining very close contact to the extent that is not questionable yet attracting.

At this point, it is now the right time to ask her out for a date where you are likely to know her more and tell her more.

This is the very opportune time to have her number for more communications later which increases the bind of the friendship and hastens the steps towards a relationship.

Having built the castle to this point, you can confidently say that the process of seduction is over and it is now time to get her response, therefore, tell her that you like her and confess your feelings for her.

There is a high chance that she already loves you at this point and she might just be waiting for you to make known your intentions in a transparent manner. And there you have found your bisexual girlfriend.

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